Dragoons 0-1 Borek: Small Margins

Rob Smits and Dave Burch of Krakow Dragoons FC cheering from the stands
Dragoons Dragoons
Borek Borek
Sat, 3 Jun 2023 12:30 Klasa A — Week 24
KS Prądniczanka Kraków


Small Margins

The final home fixture of the season saw Borek travel to Prądniczanka. The Dragoons had an extra week to prepare for the game due to the postponement of last weekend’s fixture against Gajowianka.

With Josh Dawson missing, Simon Calabrese came back into the line up to partner Jakub Drobny at the back. Piotr Hajnrych started at left back replacing Francesco Leuci in the starting XI.

Further changes saw Emre Çolakoğlu return in the place of the injured Rob Smits and Yuri Samyonov dropped to the bench with the returning Rohit Chandran taking the Israeli’s place.

Starting XI – Top: Calabrese, Çolakoğlu, Drobny, Sassini, Obyrtacz | Bottom: Urzędowksi, Hajnrych, Chandran, Beattie, Szczesznowicz (C), Forabosco

Kick Off

A pensive opening to the game almost burst into life after six minutes. Alessio Sassini raced onto a through pass to breach the Borek defence. The Italian attacker rounded the Borek keeper, Jan Zachariasz, but went too far wide to get a shot at goal. Sassini looked to work himself into a shooting position on his right foot, but rather than pass to the open Jamie Beattie, saw a defender nip in to take the ball off his toes before he could get a shot off.

Two minutes later, the Italian assassin thought he’d given the Dragoons the lead. Sassini showed lovely link play with Enrico Forabosco, as the midfielder clipped a beautiful pass over the Borek defence for Sassini to run onto. The striker blasted the ball into the top corner, but a flag from the official quickly ended the celebrations.

Borek had their first shooting opportunity after 12 minutes after the Dragoons conceded a free-kick. The following set piece came at goal from range, but Marcin Obyrtacz got down to save with ease.

Borek Wonderstrike

The visitors started to take the bull by the horns and snatched the opening goal after 17 minutes. Once again the Expats conceded a free-kick around their own penalty area. Tomasz Targosz stepped up and sent a glorious effort at goal that smacked the bar, both posts and nestled into the corner of the net. Obyrtacz had no chance as the visitors went 1-0 ahead.

You Don’t Save Those! – Marcin Obyrtacz had little chance of saving the free-kick for Borek’s goal.

Immediately after the goal the Dragoons should have had an equaliser. Great football saw Emre Çolakoğlu through on goal with just Zachariasz to beat. The Turkish man mountain attempted to side foot past the custodian, however, Zachariasz stuck out a leg to deny a certain goal.

The danger did not pass however, as the ball fell outside of the box straight to Sassini. The Italian assassin shot first time but could not find the target, dragging his effort wide.

As the game progressed, the Dragoons tried to impress their passing style of play on the visitors. Too much messing around with the ball in their own half saw a misplaced pass go straight to an opponent. The following shot from range saw Obyrtacz spring down to his left to make a good save.

The Chance! – Emre Çolakoğlu saw his effort for an equaliser saved by the outstretched leg of the Borek keeper.

Dragoons Search For An Equaliser

The Expats began to see more of the ball but struggled to get past a stubborn backline. Szymon Urzędowski ran onto a punched clearance by Zachariasz, but saw his shot blocked in the box.

On the half hour mark, Sassini ran with the ball and weaved into the Borek penalty area. The Italian created a shooting chance for himself, but smashed the ball just past the post.

Kept in check – The Italian Assassin struggled to find space against a well organised defence

Disaster almost struck with five minutes of the half left to play. Simon Calabrese lost the ball, gifting Uladzislau Shulha a free run on goal. Marcin Obyrtacz flew off his line and fortunately, a heavy touch allowed the Dragoons keeper to make a perfect sliding tackle to deny the visitors a chance of a second goal.

On the stroke of half time, the Dragoons had a shooting chance from a free-kick after Rohit Chandran found his progress halted 30 metres from goal. Enrico Forabosco lined up a shot, but his effort lacked the power to trouble Zachariasz, who clutched the ball out of the air.

Those you save – Forabosco’s free kick turned out to be an easy save for the Borek shot stopper

It had been an even first half with just the Borek wonder-goal separating the two sides. The Dragoons had been neat and tidy in possession but had struggled to get past a stubborn Borek defence.

Second Half

Into the second half, the visitors started the brightest. A corner came flying across the box and landed at the feet of a Borek player. However, the following effort at goal went flying over the Dragoons crossbar.

A long ball over the Dragoons defence on 49 minutes saw Borek with a good chance for a goal. On this occasion, Kuba Drobny came across to pressure Konrad Kozioł and he smashed his effort over the bar.

On the Move – The Dragoons line up for a corner kick from the trusty foot of Enrico Forabosco.

The first chance for the Dragoons came from a corner in the 59th minute. Forabosco’s ball into the box found Beattie waiting at the far post. The Englishman attempted to volley at goal, but ballooned his effort over the bar.

A slow paced second half saw Borek park the bus as the Dragoons struggled to create any clear cut chances. The Expats resorted to efforts from range, with the best attempt coming from Forabosco. The midfield magician blasted a shot from range, but a covering defender took the sting out of the shot and the ball rolled through comfortably for Zachariasz.

Fun in the Sun – A good number of people turned up to watch the Dragoons and Borek in action.

Dragoons Defence Breached

The story of Dragoons season almost saw Borek grab a second goal with 15 minutes left to play. A long ball caught the Expats backline flat-footed and bounced kindly for the visitors. With just the onrushing Obyrtacz to beat, Konrad Kozioł attempted a lobbed effort. Fortunately, the Expats keeper closed enough ground to get two firm hands to palm the effort away from goal. A big let off for the Dragoons!

A formation change saw the Dragoons go to three at the back as Michael Lamb replaced Piotr Hajnrych. Yuri Samyonov also came onto the pitch for Szymon Urzędowski.

Skipper – Mark Szczesnowicz lead by example in the heart of midfield as usual.

Moments after the change, the visitors came close from a corner. A whipped cross came into the Dragoons six yard box, however, the following header flew over the target.

Long Ball…

Another long ball went over the Dragoons defence and Borek found themselves in the penalty box. A pass came across goal, but a poor attempt from Borek’s Michał Dąbrowski saw the ball tamely go wide.

The last 10 minutes passed without either side able to create any chances of note. The Dragoons saw the majority of the ball, but could not find the final pass to break down the Borek defence. A frustrating day at the office for the Expats saw them lose by one goal to nil. The Dragoons had played well and had the majority of the possession, but struggled to get past a stubborn opponent.

Spanish Sensation – Joaquin Serrano recovered from injury to return as a second half substitute.

Borek had cut the Expats apart time and time again in the reverse fixture, but seemed happy to defend their lead on this occasion. A well organised side, the visitors frustrated the Dragoons time and time again, and the inability to choose the right option for a pass further frustrated the Expats. The inability to get the ball wide and into the box saw the Dragoons create little for leading scorer Sassini.

The defeat sees the Dragoons remain in 8th position ahead of the rearranged Gajowianka Gaj fixture on Tuesday evening.

Posted on Text: Dave Burch Photography: Alex Băcica Visual Editing: Alex Băcica


99Marcin Obyrtacz (pol)
5Simon Calabrese (ita)
8Enrico Forabosco (fin/ita)
11Rohit Chandran (ind)
13Kuba Drobny (pol)
19Piotr Hajnrych (pol) 34
23Mark Szczesnowicz (pol/aus)
32Jamie Beattie (eng) 17
35Emre Çolakoğlu (tur)
93Alessio Sassini (ita) 89'
97Szymon Urzędowski (pol) 9
33Dmytro Kontsevyi (ukr)
9Yuri Samyonov (isr) 97
17Joaquin Serrano (esp) 32
18Edoardo Battaglion (ita)
34Michael Syska-Lamb (sco) 19
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