Krakow’s Expat Football Club

The story started in September 2015 when a group of expats met for a casual game of football. Because everyone had so much fun a decision was made to meet again a week later. And again. And so it became a regular weekly meeting for a casual kick about.

As weeks passed, a core of people remained and in the summer of 2016 the decision was made that the group needs to become a proper team with it’s own name, colors and identity. Thus Dragoons FC was born, choosing to wear the same shades of blue from Krakow’s crest and the dragon as a symbol. Straight away the team started to compete in Cracow Sunday Football League, an amateur local league, in order for the team to grow both in numbers and in quality.

As the club grew, in the summer of 2018 Klub Sportowy Dragoons was formed as a sports association with the goal of competing in the official Polish football system.

We want the club to be a social platform that help expats (and locals alike) to interact and integrate with the local culture easier, by laying some common ground, in this case football. We’re hoping that in the future some people will be able to identify with the club and support it to grow even further and become an important blimp on the radar of Krakow’s local culture.

From the start up to today more than 100 people from all continents have been associated with the club in one way or another. We’re a very diverse and multi cultural club with with members from all over the World: Romania, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Poland, Brazil, Tunisia, Ecuador, Chile, Ukraine, Angola, Ireland, Mauritius, Belarus, Argentina and Turkey.